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You can find horse racing tips from a number of people, newspapers and websites online. This includes popular Racing Post and most daily newspapers. But how to decide on who to follow for horse racing tips? Perhaps you should do it yourself for starters. Yes, it is the most beneficial thing you can do. It is also commonly known as “self improvement”.

Finding Good Horse Racing Tips

Most of folks will do what they did for ages, and that means they will stick only with betting on horses to win the race, or perhaps make an each-way bets. Many will do so by following the daily horse racing free tips from some newspapers which have horse racing tips. And this is just fine for recreational bettors, betting few quid. But if you are in it for a profit, you might want to learn a bit about form, ground and other aspect of race which will affect its outcome. Although you can do this and make your own selections to bet on, you can also use to filter horse racing tips from any source.

We have chosen some horse racing tips service for you, you can try them out right now by clicking on following links.

Horse Racing Tips



Avoiding Buying Horse Racing Tips

We will try to cover the basic principles of betting with our tips.

1. Most, almost 99% of punters will lose long term. So you must no the same as everyone else. If most people would win from betting, there would be no betting shops around. The winners would win more than losers, and you cant run a betting business like that. So forget the all available horse racing tips from common sources like newspapers and take action to learn more on making a good selections.

2. Two year old horses have unpredictable form and subsequently, the races are not easy to predict too. Horse that won last time out, might very well under perform next time it runs. This doesn’t mean you should stay away from 2 year olds races all together. Just don’t take the favourites too serious, but look for outsiders which might have been under looked by public. People who provide free horse racing tips today, know this stuff very good.

3. Early in the season, take a look at the race fitness. This way you can really find some nice outsiders. Do not take last year’s performance as a guide, as it can be very deceiving. take a good look at fit horse which run once or twice this season. Horse racing tips services do this often.

4. There are some good stables, and they matter a lot when we talk about races in group 3 or below. Even the unknown trainers can be good choice at that level. Trainers might be in form, but if they are competing against a good stable, most casual punters will overlook their form and bet heavily on good stable’s horse. This is a great opportunity for us to get some nice big priced value horses.

5. Pedigree is important and should be valued accordingly in graded races. If you find a horse that looks good, but find out that the sire does not have a winner at all at higher level or race distance, it is good to stay away. Chances are against you on most of these cases.

6. Discipline is a must. Horse racing tipsters are know to have it. You will not be using their horse racing tips, but you will need to find out a little about money management that pro punters use. Don’t tempt yourself by going for some “bets for fun”. It is not fun to lose. Every horse you bet on should be backed by thorough study. Every loss is still a loss, even with smaller amounts. Some services offer free horse racing picks, so maybe you should try those also.

7. If you decide to follow someone else horse racing tips, you must understand it takes money to make money. Decent tipster will cost you a lot. But you will be receiving good, profitable horse racing tips. Good pro horse racing tipsters will have better overview of the races than you, and you will need to trust them if you already payed for their horse racing tips.

If you decide to use some of these methods to improve your horse racing betting, they will help your bankroll. Making money while betting on horse racing can be quite exciting. You might even start your own horse racing tips service one day. But until you get there, get your horse racing tips from top racing advisors. It will cost you, but the cost is less than what you can do with your selections. You will lose more than you are winning if you are a total starter in this game. That’s why you should purchase horse racing tips and learn gradually.

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Michael´s Place Lay Formula Review

Michael´s Place Lay FormulaName: Michael´s Place Lay Formula

Price: £69.99

Type: Laying Betfair System

Win rate: 85%+

Rating: 9/10


Another one from pile of horse racing systems that is very much talked about is Michael´s Place Lay Formula. Makers are promoting it saying it has a 85% of successful lays in the Betfair. And we are talking lays in place market. Outcomes are frequently updated on their sales page and you can see a steady profit pouring in. But is it another scam with bombastic pdf manual?

Michael´s Place Lay Formula system

Although salespage is not, in our opinion, very well done in marketing terms, Michael´s Place Lay Formula attracted us for the very same reason. We all had a few bad buys on bombastic claims, but it turned out we were not schemed again. Michael´s Place Lay Formula is definitely not one of those 3 minute fast systems designed to rip you off.

Michael´s Place Lay Formula will cost you £70 and besides the system pdf you will also get a month of their service. Service consists of giving you qualifying races each day, so you don’t have to bother with that part of system. If you decide to continue with this service it will cost you £15 each month. Why are they not giving out the selections? Well, its because selections are made close to the off, and it would be impossible to send them in advance. So this already tells you that Michael´s Place Lay Formula is not for those who wish to bet in the morning and then forget about it. You must be in front of your computer close to race start and watch Betfair prices.

Michael´s Place Lay Formula manual if a 32 page pdf. After we have read it, we had to say that it is a very logical, common sense system. Manual is not filled with useless crap on how to place a lay bets on Betfair and such nonsense. You can find that info on dozens of websites for free. The manual starts with system idea and rules  on first page.

You have eight rules with which you make your selections. These are not difficult to find info, and you have an example of each rule with pretty pictures taken from Betfair. But you will be making your final decision on selections just before the „off“. That is why we recommend to test this system with minimum bets first. When you get the grips, then you can start betting your normal bets. Why are we pointing this out? Well, as we were making a first selection with Michael´s Place Lay Formula system rules, we had to check rules once more, and the race started, and it would be a winning selection, but we never made the bet because we were to slow. Try it for a day or two, you will not miss a fortune in 2 days even if all bets would be winning.

What else is there in the Michael´s Place Lay Formula manual? Well, you get a staking method. This is actually a method for increasing profits, since its very unlikely you will get more than 3 losing bet in a row. And you then get back to normal stakes after each winner. Nothing special, but will give you an additional 10-20% profit.

If you are subscriber to their race selection, you can see results of bets very fast after the race. This is rather helpful to check if you are making the right selection. Though you will not get 100% same bets as the author, you should get at least 90%. We also checked their email service, just to see if they will respond fast enough, and they did. So you can expect the same.

There have been many lay horse racing systems since Betfair made it possible for us to „be a bookie“. Many of which failed miserably, though they claimed high profit and strike rates. But the problem was, and still is, that laying is good as long as you don’t hit a winner because you might wipe out all profits and even more. Michael´s Place Lay Formula system is not that kind of horse racing system.

Michael´s Place Lay Formula results

I must admit I was impressed from the first page of Michael´s Place Lay Formula pdf. Rules are not hard to follow, though you need to practice a bit. Once you start betting rules will become an instinct. All you will need will be right there on Betfair.

You will get 1-3 selections per day usually (under 1.5 on average). We have run a test for 8 weeks (this is considered a long enough time for any betting system test in our opinion). We tested Michael´s Place Lay Formula using their recommended staking plan.

 We had 91 bets, out of which 77 were winning lays or almost 85% good lays. Lay price was 4.27 on average. After those 8 weeks we profited little over 30 units. So that is half a unit per day.
So are we recommending Michael´s Place Lay Formula? Oh, yea we are. It passed with flying colours. If it was „fire and forget“ we would be making it perfect grade, this way – 9/10.


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Two Heads System Review

Two Heads System

Name: Two Heads System

Price: £97.00

Type: Laying/Backing System

Win rate: 60%+

Rating: 8/10


It is really a rare opportunity, that 2 seasoned punters come together and put their strategies in the same system, but that is exactly what happened here with Two Heads System. Can two heads really come to better conclusion than one?It seems like the old saying is true, but lets elaborate a little more on that.

Both authors, Steve James and Anthony Gibson, had some success on their own. Though some people might say otherwise because Gibson is perhaps more related to some other types of systems, like those for financial markets, the popular “Forex”.

Two Heads System overview

So what is this Two Heads System all about? Well, not to give out too much, we can say a few words about it. Two Heads System picks out horses that have had a problem winning in type of race they are running. This is a lay part of this system. But it gets better. Authors decided not to lay these horse on win, nut on place markets in Betfair. This means that your liability will be much lower, thus eliminating nasty hits to your bankroll.

The backing part of Two Heads System is to try and find horses who have potential, but it is not commonly seen in good results. They aim to bet these horses each way, again to try and lower the long losing stretches.

If you want to be able to follow Two Heads System you will have to use Racing Post. Although you can have Two Heads System at £97 you can have tips for £30 monthly by telephone. To tell you the truth, this system is awfully hard if you are not a veteran horse racing punter, so and additional check with Two Heads System telephone service might be a good idea if you are not able to get the hang of it.

Depending on many factors (including both horse and trainer and many others) you will either put a each way bet, or back a horse at place market on Betfair. And for the ones you are laying, you will lay them in place market on Betfair. Two Heads System unfortunately  requires you to be at your computer during the off to make the correct type of bet, which will depend on horse odds just before the off.

But don’t worry, you can skip a few races or even days. You are not waiting for that one big winner to cover your loses. Two Heads System is pretty steady going. When we took this horse racing system for a ride, we didn’t have time for all the races each day, so we skipped a few now and then. It really wont make much difference.

Two Heads System results

Authors say you should have a 200 units bank, but we though, given the low liability, that was just exaggerating a bit, so we run a test with 100 unit bank. This is standard most serious punters are holding on to, so no reason to back out with Two Heads System. And if Two Heads System proves bad we will lose only 100 units. If it really lost 100 units, we would have to conclude it doesn’t work, since such runs is very unlikely (more than 1 in a million) over our 30 bets.
So wee took Two Heads System for test in 8 weeks. We had 306 bets. This brought us to 187 winning bets or lays (a fair 61% strike rate). We had 28.7 units profit. That is a fair yield of over 9% which is satisfying. Not too good, but fair profit. Now imagine if you had a £10 000 betting money, and you betting Two Heads System whole year. You would earn £18 000. That sounds better now? Certainly does compared with all scam horse racing systems out there.

Just to be sure we also did a little check with their tips service. Although less than 5% runners were different, it didn’t make much difference. The results we show are the on for our bets, not Two Heads System tips service. We had our doubt as for fist 2 weeks we weren’t getting good result, but then the Two Heads System showed it is really worth £97.

So in conclusion – Two Heads System is a good one, don’t overlook it. Even if you are betting £10 bet bet, that is almost 2 grand per year – not to be easily overlooked. If it wasn’t so complex we would give it a bit more, this way we will give Two Heads System a very nice – 8/10.



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Little Acorns Review

Little Acorns

Name: Little Acorns

Price: £97.00

Type: Laying System

Win rate: 65%

Rating: 8/10


We were a little late with Little Acorns system review as it seems. By now many people have heard a lot of stuff about it. We heard good and bad, but most were positive or neutral opinions. So we had no other option but to do Little Acorns review ourselves and see if its as good as some claim.

Little Acorns ebook

The Little Acorns system itself is pretty selective. You are not gonna get a lot of selections. You are going to lay odds on favourites. We liked it the moment we realized that. What does that mean??? It means small risk. There is also a staking plan there somewhere. Oh, no, another Martingale. It a fibonacci staking plan. You don’t have to use that one though if you don’t want to. You could merely lay all selections of Little Acorns with flat stakes or liability in this case.

The Little Acorns system comes an ebook pdf obviously. You just download it and you are ready to start with selection process. Making selections is rather easy and not time consuming. If you choose to follow a staking plan then you will need to know outcome of bets, so you will need to be around your computer. That is so you can place next bet for the day (if there is one) depending on did you win the last bet.

What is Little Acorns about?

As we stated before, Little Acorns is a laying horse racing system. you make your bets from selections you get using Betfair (though you could use any other betting exchange) and Racing Post data. There is no form study or any such thing. System is easy to operate and has 3 main factors which are to be found using Betfair and the final filter rule can be found on Racing Post website.

Both staking methods are basically „bet more after you lose“ plans. First method of loss recovery uses fibonacci. You increase your stakes after each loss using a certain formula. You will bet more and more until you win. After you have a winning lay you will get back to your original stake size.

The other staking method is a modification of Martingale. You basically add your loss to stake on each next bet. Again, you will do this until you win and when you win you get back to normal stake size.

So here is how rules for Little Acorns look like. First we got heavily favoured horse (odds on favourite). You will only lay those. Then we got Racing Post rule which has to be fulfilled. Then you should check the prices of second and third favourite. If they fall in certain range, the bet is a go. Prices should be checked before the off ideally. You could use a bot for these checks, but you have to manually check Racing Post selection factor. Good thing is it can be checked way ahead (the night before or in the morning) and then you just let the software run.

One of bad things about Little Acorns system, well more annoying than bad, is that it is not meant for action junkies. Little Acorns system will not give you selection to bet every day. Some days you will have 5 then all at once you get none for next 3. But if you are a serious punter this shouldn’t bother you.

As we opened our review, yes we heard lot of good about this system, but it will slowly gain you profit. you cant expect much from 25-30 selections per month. While testing this system, we found that winning rate was lower than author suggest Little Acorn should have. And that means that profit was not as promised. Though it was not too far from expected profit as outlined by the Little Acorns system.

Little Acorns test results

Well anyway, we tested it, and we did it in all possible ways. The Little Acorns system ebook will give you 2 plans. We tested both staking plans, so we can bring you the results of both. We have also tested all bets with a flat 1 unit liability.

We tested system for almost two months. During those two months, we had 58 selections. We won 37 bets, meaning we layed 37 odds on losers. It is a 64% strike rate, slightly below what author promises (65-70%).  This was achieved by laying at average odds of 1.81 on Betfair (just over 4/5). Although it didn’t start promising we ended up in solid profit.

Using first staking method (fibonacci which is rather aggressive) we ended up with over 25 units in profit. Staking method 2 gave us profit of just under 14 units. We also tested Little Acorns with flat stakes and it was, of course, profitable. The profit it made with 1 unit liability was also rather good – over 22 units ! In our opinion, there was no need for recovery plans as system is profitable with flat stakes.

We got to say one more thing. There is no need to worry about getting your bet matched as we are talking hundreds of thousands matched on our selections.

To summarize, this system is rather simple to work with. There is no form, distance or numerous other factors to look out for. We had contact with some satisfied users, who have been using it for long time and are satisfied. We have also made good profit, even with flat stakes. Though because of lack of selections and not so useful recovery staking plans we can only give Little Acorns a very good grade – 8/10




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Racing Secrets Exposed Review

Racing Secrets ExposedName: Racing Secrets Exposed

Price: £7.00 +£37.00/month (optional)

Type: Laying System+Service

Win rate: 70%+

Rating: 8/10 



Racing Secrets Exposed is a good read and most important rather good tips are given by system owner. It is not a typical horse racing system as we are used to buying. It is simply a guide on how to get the losing horses with rather low prices. The manual is a 80 page PDF with 5 different parts. Usually only the good stuff  has this thick manuals. If you put a little effort and read and use all those information you are given, you should be a much better layer than you are right now. We felt like it really explained some factors in racing. Most of us were ever willing to think about some important factors, we just see a recent form and bet. Racing Secrets Exposed teaches you that is exactly the wrong approach.

Racing Secrets Exposed Manual

Ebook has an examples with pretty pictures in it, which helps a lot in explaining the whole selection process. It is instructive in its nature and ensures you will get payed for your trouble. It explains all those indicators of a bad favourite and good opposition. Not all favourites should be favourites. And there isn’t any emotion attached ti it, you just follow the guide and employ it. We can say if used properly, Racing Secrets Exposed manual will become your good buddy in betting.

Even if you haven’t had much experience with betting on horses, you will learn much from Racing Secrets Exposed system. But you will have to be willing to take time and read it again and again. This book is not and easy read. You can not just turn off your brain and read at pace of 2 minutes per page. You will need to approach it as every learning book. And yes, you will be exhausted after only 10 or 20 pages. But after implementing some parts, you will gain experience. Then read it again and mark the things you missed. This ebook is not a simple to use system, and that’s why things outlaid in here work. We couldn’t believe there were some people who made bad reviews of the manual. Probably some lazy reviewers who didn’t took the time to implement and master techniques which are explained in Racing Secrets Exposed.

First parts, although experienced layers will skip based only on their title, can be useful not only to novices. The Racing Secrets Exposed is a method that will show you what they call a “warning signs”. They say there are two kinds of these indicators. The “primary” warning signs are the factors you must consider when you are looking for a favourite weakness. When you find all those potentially vulnerable horses to be layed, you go on with “secondary” warning signs. These will even more shorten your list of possible lays.

Racing Secrets Exposed is not for lazy bettors…

But please don’t buy Racing Secrets Exposed if you are not ready to look for your lays for at least 30 minutes daily. You just can’t do it faster to get a list of good horses to lay. You can not choose a loser by looking at 2 or 3 factors, this one needs to be implemented fully to be efficient.

The price for Racing Secrets Exposed is really low 7£ and is affordable for everyone. We really feel it is one of the best deals around. But there is more. You can also for an affordable price get their daily tipster service. Yes, these are tips to lay horses. And it is maybe the best part of this deal. Especially for those who are lazy enough to need such a service. For one pound a day you will get really good tips, and we were rather satisfied with both the tips and the Racing Secrets Exposed system.

You can use their tips, but we would definitely suggest to also make you own picks. If you do so, you will be doubling your profits, and you will be double checking if your picks are actually the one you should have chosen according to system rules. We also contacted Racing Secrets Exposed team and their customer service is rather fast and polite.

Racing Secrets Exposed results

The results we got from both our own selections and their tips were solid. We had over 200 selections combined, around 70% of which lost. But we are talking about many good lays under EVENS. This made us profit even more. We got over 30 units of profit, and that id 15%  return on investment, which is not bad at all.

Most of us are still using either their tips service, or are making our own selections if there’s time. Racing Secrets Exposed works and will continue to work, as long as nothing big changes in racing world.

All in all we found both Racing Secrets Exposed ebook and tips service to be a good addition to our good systems folder. Since it take some time to get it all together and use it, and considering the results, we can recommend Racing Secrets Exposed, and their tips service, with a – 8/10


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