Golden Key Method 2 Review

Golden Key Method 2

Name: Golden Key Method 2

Price: £87.00

Type: Trading Betfair System

Win rate: 50-55%

Rating: 9/10


After two months of testing Golden Key Method 2, we can honestly say its working even better than the first version. This is perfect system for all action junkies, because it will keep you occupied for the whole day.

Golden Key Method 2 has proven to be more stable and profitable version than its predecessor. It made us more than 25% profit more, and there was also less losing runs and losing days. In both versions of Golden Key Method, there wasn’t any discrepancy between Monday-Friday and weekend betting. They both work pretty much the same.

We are saying this because we are aware that most buyers will not have so much time during working days. So if you only decide to bet on weekends there’s no fear. You will win with Golden Key Method 2.

Golden Key Method 2 Results

While testing Golden Key Method 2, there were only 5 losing days in 2 months, and it is a significant move from first version. To be honest, there were days when you earned only a small amount, but it will keep your spirits up and you will look forward to try it again the next day.

Although you can do all the work manually, meaning you are stuck in front of your monitor for the whole day, you can probably buy a bot and automate the new system. The new Betfair software explosion made it possible for Golden Key Method 2 to only invest about one hour daily. All you will have to do is get in front of your computer once in a day, set up your bot software, and that’s it! No more worries, and you can just come back in the evening and take a look at the system results for the day. Which will be profitable in 90% of cases in our experience.

What is Golden Key Method 2 about?

Want to know more now, don’t you? Well, we can’t give out much more than owners of Golden Key Method 2 have already said on their website. You will make some selections around 11:30 in the morning (earlier in the winter). Than you will trade them before the race starts. As mentioned you can do it manually or buy a software. We would definitely go for a bot, but it’s smart to start it with a manual trading. Now we already said too much maybe. I guess you realized it’s a kind of a trading system. Yes it is, and that’s why Golden Key Method 2 works so well. Golden Key Method 2 guarantees you a profit, or an occasional loss.

We gotta admit you will have a lot of runners to trade with Golden Key Method 2. You might try to limit it with your own criteria (like odds), but in our experience it means you will limit your profits too. If you find some good criteria, let us know.

Golden Key Method 2 system is pretty straightforward. You will get 13 page manual and access to online training videos. So nothing new there. Well, yes there is. Manual is well written and easy to implement, especially after watching videos. You will also get a worksheet, essential help so your bets will be organized each day. They will also give you links to resources you will need to make selections, and best of all – if you are willing to invest in a bot – they will point you to bot that will work with this system. We will not make any advertisements here, but they will point you to another FREE piece of software to make your access to Betfair faster and shorten the whole process.

The final word on Golden Key Method 2

You might want to be rich overnight, but we don’t review those kind of systems. You will be staking a lot of money, and yield is rather low. But because of number of selections Golden Key Method 2 gives you every day, you will rarely lose and your profits will be rather high. Since it is actually a trading method, you are not risking much. You just can’t have it all in one system.

The cost of Golden Key Method 2 if rather high 87 pounds. But even if your bank is small and you are not so lucky, you should be able to return investment after less than a month. Be warned, there’s no refund policy. We were a little worried at the beginning, but i doubt anyone but lazy punters would want a refund on this one. If you are prepared to make an effort every day with low risk and steady returns, then Golden Key Method 2 is the right system for you.


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