Horse Racing Systems

I am involved with horse racing systems reviews sites and horse betting for many years now. During that span i must have seen over 1000 sites and ads about winning horse racing system and tipsters services. And i trialed both UK and american horse racing systems. 

On this site i will concentrate on UK horse racing systems. I will search for the best and give you the fair view of good and bad sides of each racing system. But keep in mind, most horse racing systems that work will require a fair piece of effort from your side. On the good side, most systems will work for a long period of time and you can go for a vacation for a month or two and when you return, the horse racing system you bought will still work.

Best Horse Racing Systems

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Betfair ATM



False Favourites



Favourites Phenomenon



Golden Key Method 2



All By the Book



Two Heads System



How do owners advertise their horse racing systems?

Almost each day i see  a new horse racing systems popping out. And I can tell you most horse racing system screators are at least exaggerating in their sales pages. They will make you a millionaire in days or months so you can quit your daily job and go to vacation for the rest of your life. But you got to buy their horse racing systems. Priced at 15 to 200 pounds.

 Now you must ask yourself. If there was such a system you would not sell at at such a price. You would simply hold on to it yourself and make yourself rich, not others. Almost all of these claims are just salesman talking and are not realistic at all.

Horse Racing SystemsAs we offer a review to anyone who wants to have theie horse racing systems reviewed, we receive many emails and offers. Some offer free subscription to their tipping services or advertise their new and improved systems, just tailoring and back-fitting. But there are a few gems here and there, and when we find those gems, we make a review here.

Get rich quickly with our horse racing systems

Today, perhaps more than ever, people are looking for ‘get rich quick’ schemes and jobs more than ever. They want to have minimum effort, flexible working time and quit their regular job so they can work from home. And not work too much. There are millions different ways to achieve this today all over the Internet. Some are free horse racing betting system and advice, some paid, with very little investment. But they all give you more time with your family and comfort of not much work from home.

Many scammers noticed this change in people and they are now bombarding internet with their “best horse racing system” and ebooks scams. There will always be someone looking for that magic horse racing systems portfolio that will give them their independence from 9 to 5 work. These offers will sound wonderful and magic so you will buy them to fulfill your dreams.

This site is not intended to scare you off any good opportunities, but to help you find them. What we will do is separate the bad and the ugly from good in horse racing systems market. We will warn you about new good systems and new scams. We will do research on these systems or tipsters and we will tell you their good and bad sides. If you decide to go with some horse racing systems that are not listed here, contact us and we will test it for you to give you an unbiased report. Lets take a look at two main types of reviews we do on this site.

Horse Racing tipsters

The best horse racing tipsters will have followers. Their followers have to pay for the tips and will do so gladly because they will win more than lose. They get money for their money, so to speak. Some tipsters will require you to do some filtering of their runners before the race, some will just shoot out their tips which you follow no matter what conditions and SP are.

Remember, take notice if there are any unrealistic claims like almost perfect strike rates (even 75 percent is not realistic). If year after year tipster wins every single month or has classic sales page claiming to make you rich in a month, beware. Sometimes tipster use some horse racing systems themselves and charge you monthly more than system cost!

Either let us review service, or make your own research on his service. Free trial might not be such a good sign of scam service, as they will all give you free or almost free trial week. Now, anybody can have a good or bad week. But with free trail you will see if number of tips and odds of their runners suit your style. Check the word on forums, do a Google search. Contact them with your questions just to check the time of response and reliability. But in the end come here and tell us if you found some good horse racing service.

Horse racing systems reviews

Horse Racing Systems ReviewsWe will also gladly review any kind of horse racing systems that use software or use some rules (filters) for picking runners. Unfortunately we have seen many systems come and go, and most of software horse racing systems have failed. There are many factors that are included in these software, but almost none of them satisfied us. There are some software that work but these are more like tools – not money making machines.

Professional horse racing systems or software are generally sold with bombastic sale page on a good looking website and some good looking ebook. Its designed to impress you. If they impress you, they will sell. We also fell for some scams, and changed not one horse racing system verdict from working to rubbish. We also lost money in that process. Stay clear of hyped sales pages if you can.

Just be cautious. All horse racing system reviews are done by us, but most are done short term, usually 2 months time. But if they don’t work we will not advise them. Do not let this whole situation with horse racing systems market get to you. It just might happen that you will find a really good horse racing systems after all soon.