All By The Book Review

All by the Book

Name: All By The Book

Price: £87.00

Type: Backing/Trading System

Win rate: 45-55%

Rating: 10/10


Oh my god, All by the Book have stolen our idea! That was our first though. Some of us were working on developing a similar system, which will almost guarantee you a profit, and it was all backed with strong mathematics. More or less All by the Book is kind of an arbitrage or a trading method if you will. All by the Book system uses many bookmakers, including betting exchanges Betfair and Betdaq, and searches for bets where there could be an edge for us. It is low risk method, and covered fully on pretty basic math, but can bring you healthy profit. However, it is not perfect. We said “low risk”, not “no risk at all”.

All by the Book results

You can find  results and performance charts on All by the Book site, and we can vouch these are genuine. You will not make a fortune with All by the Book, but with normal betting bank you will limit losses to maximum 10 pounds per day, and could potentially win up to 100 in a good day.

Since we already new All by the Book is working we didn’t want to go on testing it for ages, we used 2 weeks time span to get the word out as soon as possible. We had 41 qualifying races (3 per day on average) 20 of which were profitable. Hey, but how did we win then? If you paid attention, you would know you will lose on average 2 to 3 quid, and you win on average over 20£!

The best thing about All by the Book system is your low risk. Using 100£ per qualifying race, you would risk maximum 66£ through our test period. So in worst case scenario you could only lose 66 pounds. Yet we managed to win over 250£ in those two weeks we trialed this system.

What do you get with All by the Book system

What do you get with your purchase of All by the Book system? Well, you get a rather simple thin 9 page ebook, access to a training video, and the most important thing of all, you will get an excel spreadsheet which will calculate your stakes for each race. When we were developing out system, it was the toughest thing to do – get all those stakes in order with, on occasion, over 10 races to bet on daily. In ebook you will find list of all useful sites, like odds comparison sites.

All by the Book system is most profitable if operated on early odds, so you should be in front of your monitor in the morning after odds are out in all books. System relies on a fact that some runners will drift or steam, so if you get your bets early, you will get the most out of it. You can place you bets through some sites, not going directly to bookmakers for each bet, which will speed up the process. You may also choose to bet only on certain races where your chances are bigger, but its all up to you.

Results we achieved with All by the Book system were using small risk basic method with rather small betting bank. If you got more money and time, you can go for more races and profit even more than we did.

Is All by the Book perfect

We can’t give away All by the Book secrets, but we can say you will need to use all “Best odds guaranteed” books get the best results. You will also use exchanges where you can get bigger odds for outsiders. One thing we have to say is you will need some bankroll management. At some bookmakers you will win, at some you will lose, so you will need to refund your betting accounts often. If you use Moneybookers you can request rather fast withdrawals, as opposed to using debit card or credit cards. So if you will bet 100£ per race, you will need at least 2000 total.

Another issue you might encounter while using All by the Book is you will get your accounts with bookmakers limited or even closed. If you win too much with one bookie they will limit you at least. Now there are three ways around this. First is to fake losses. But we don’t recommend it as in some cases you will win and thus make things even worse.

Second one that we suggest is spreading your bets through bookies as much as possible. If 3 bookmakers got the same best odds, then simply bet at all three. Your winning will be the same but you will win less with each bookie. This might help you in “flying under the radar” even though you are using All by the Book system.

Third way, which we also recommend when you are seriously limited is to open a new account under a new name using different IP. It has to be a real person – your girlfriend, brother, friend. Just in case someone asks for an ID check. No need to worry too much though – by the time bookmakers realize you are using All by the book system you should be up hundreds of pounds.

As all real deal systems, All by the Book will not make you a millionaire overnight. Its rather easy to use and after you get a hang of it you will need 5 minutes per race to make bets. There’s no reason for All by the Book to stop working as long as most bookmakers don’t stop giving you best odds guaranteed.

Though it is a hard to find gem in a sea full of scams, concerned with the fact that you will be rather quickly limited by the bookmakers, we cant give All by the book system more than – 9/10.



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