Betfair ATM Review

Betfair ATM

Name: Betfair ATM

Price: £87.00

Type: Backing Betfair System

Win rate: 80%+

Rating: 10/10


Betfair ATM system is not a typical horse racing system that will pinpoint your bets. It will however give you a strategy and methods to use when making your bets in certain markets on Betfair. It seemed not so convincing at first glance, because ebook is not written too good in our humble opinion, making you to scratch your head a lot, but when we tried it we were staggered. Betfair ATM work excellent. Unfortunately there’s no software for it (at least not one we are aware of) that could help you automatize this strategy. Though when you think about it, there’s no reason why such a software would not be developed.

Betfair ATM quick notes

The Betfair ATM system is about exploiting place market in UK races. And its in-play system. I know, it sucks, but you can use it any day on evening races too. While we don’t want to give out much of the system we will tell you some key points. You don’t trade, but you can make a stop loss like with any other bets. Odds will be rather low, not under 1.3 but somewhere between 1,4-1,5 on average. Yet, you will get a high strike rate, 80% or more. If you manage to hit 80% it means your fair odds are 1.25, so 1,45 or average odds are great value!

There were some complains from reviewing community that Betfair ATM strategy is a little knife edged. Because you have a very small time to react and you must follow some rules to get it done right. Well, we earned under 10 point after first 100 races, but later it was like riding a bicycle. We can only say – no pain, no gain.

Betfair ATM results

You can see we are excited about Betfair ATM system. We tested it for almost 2 months, and rounded it up to exactly 400 races. We won 85% and earned a staggering 90 units. That’s  over 1,5 unit per day ! Incredible isn’t it?

The new edition of ebook has some new good pointers for making selections in it. First, we get odds range and how much to wait and when to bet (if you bet at all) in a chosen race. The most important addition to the ebook is a stop loss strategy.

All of you trading gurus know what this is all about. You must have an exit point if a trade goes bad. Betfair ATM addition also explains this. Not only that, but it actually gives you two different methods of loss control, one of which is rather normal, and you simply lay the horse in place market if it starts to lose position.

The other method is somewhat innovative, but we used it before ourselves, and it can be rewarding, but you are risking a bit more. If your runner falls behind, you lay it in the WIN market, not in the place market. Now how is that for a twist? This means that if your horse doesn’t place you will lose less (you will win that lay bet in WIN market).  If it places but doesn’t win – you win both bets! And if it wins you still win that place bet. Really a well though piece of advice.

There is a tiny problem with Betfair ATM. As mentioned, we are betting in a place IN-PLAY market. This means fast odds changes. You simply can’t effectively use this system if you don’t have a Betfair software. System makers will tell you what they are using, but you can also use one free trading software which will do just fine. Though most of us have our favourite software, you must decide on your own, we can’t recommend one that is perfect for you.

Betfair ATM is perfect for use in longer races, the longer, the better. Jump races are more suitable for betting with this strategy. System says itself you are not to bet any races under a mile. So you will have more bets in the winter and less in the summer, but you will find some every day. At least we did.

Betfair ATM final thoughts

Although Betfair ATM system is made for races up to 15 runners, we believe you should start with races up to 10 or maximum 12 runners, so you will not have to keep and eye on too many runners. In later stages of testing we also eliminated Sellers &Claimers and Amateur races as these tend to be more unpredictable in the end.

Except a Betfair ATM system, you will get an email support also, but after recent additions to the manual, we believe method is rather straightforward, so you might not need them at all.

Now to conclude, Betfair ATM is one our favourite horse racing systems. It is so great we were thinking of whether we should share it with you. It will not make you rich overnight, it is not an easy money guru guide, you must spare few hours every day (but you don’t have to do it every day).

Betfair ATM is probably the best, though not the best written, strategy we have tried. We are a bit worried what will happen when too many people get Betfair ATM system, but until then its -10/10.



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