Bookie Buster Review

Bookie Buster

Name: Bookie Buster

Price: $97.00

Type: Staking System

Win rate: N/A

Rating: 4/10



Bookie Buster is definitely not a typical selection system. Its more like a collection of staking methods which can be applied not only  to horse racing, but also to all sports. It claims it can earn you muchos money betting on sports by using some stake  plans. Now we heard that before somewhere didn’t we? Internet if really full of these false promises, but we can’t let our feelings get in the way. Lets see if this system lives up to our expectations and its claims.

Bookie Buster staking plans will make you rich

They promise to show you the secret ways bookies don’t want you to know. And they will give you many systems to use to beat the dreaded Bookies. The creator of  Bookie Buster  claims to be some kind of big shot manager in betting business, but after some research we found out it is not so.

Bookie Buster has a solid salespage which is the usual hype, talking of big gains. And you wouldn’t believe it, its easy money, really. Yeah right. It easy to get under influence of this kind of hyped pages. Do not try buying it before you read this review.

Bookie Buster ebook

We have read the ebook  and it is not good. Its full of crap. Oh yes it is. Bookie Buster has nothing more to offer than bunch of Martingale and other type of progressive staking plans that will lead you to the poor house. If you need staking plans than this is the system for you. But anyone could make this type of plans. Yet these plans are not gonna help you to win more money on their own, they will just help you to risk more.

Bookies Buster isn’t concerned with enormous risk you will have with those staking plans. These plans are used only because system isn’t any good without them. Sure it can work for a while. Week, or maybe even a month or two. But when your bad streak comes, you are doomed. You will probably lose your entire bankroll in a month or less using Bookie Buster systems if you are not so lucky.

We have all fallen to these kind of systems once when we began our journey to the world of betting, but we have learned, usually after losing too much cash. There’s no need for us to do that again. If you don’t have an edge on your bets, no staking play will get you out.

Is Bookie Buster worth it?

However, if you have an edge already and you are willing to risk a little more for better gains, perhaps this book, or system, might be the right thing for you. Maybe then it will be worth your money.

The final word is: Bookie Buster is a candidate for the Shit List. Not all that deep in shit. We rate Bookie Buster at 4/10.



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