False Favourites Review

False Favourites

Name: False Favourites

Price: £27.99

Type: Betfair Laying System

Win rate: 85%

Rating: 10/10


False Favourites written by J. Burghes is a great reading and learning ebook for laying favourites. I believe we all heard a lot about laying horses on Betfair by now. Just to remind you – it is as tough to win laying, as it is for backing horses. False Favourites is not a typical horse racing system where you will get exactly the same results as anyone else. False Favourites system will show you (more like teach you) how to spot weak favourites and profit from those.

Buying this horse racing system will grant you an access to a rather thick ebook (in case you print it out) and will also give you some bonus ebooks. It comes with a 60 days money back policy, as most systems do. But we believe not many will ask for a refund, because of 2 reasons.

First, it will teach you.You are immediately granted knowledge and better understanding of racing betting.  And second, you will get it at rather low price. Still you can take advantage of no-risk return policy.

False favourites is honest system

False Favourites doesn’t have hyped sale page, nor does it promise you instant wealth, like many systems often do. It is a real system, if you can call it a system after all, which offers realistic profits to you. False favourites only states that it will teach you more than you already know. Even if you are a seasoned punter, it will probably help you discover some new things when laying horses.

The real question here is if this is the right ebook for you. You have to take a few days to read it first. Then we would suggest reading it again,  taking notes, and printing out helpful tables for your daily search for false favourite. We have per request received tips for a month just to compare it to ours and then we came up with results.

We actually outperformed the owner with his own system in that month. This is another proof it can bet don. Yet out of 25 tips he sent us we only had 11 same as he did ! Only one of those 11 horses won. We both profited with different tips also.

Again, False Favourites is realistic system. You will not bet every day and win every time you bet, but you have good chances for a profitable months. We believe it is possible to get at least 10 months per year with profit.

False favourites methods will take time to learn

False Favourites system (method is maybe better word) can actually take a few days to get used to, and might take about 2 hours or more per day when you start with it, but you will eventually spend from 15-45 minutes, depending on number of races, after you get acquainted with selection method.

We could go on with cons and pros, but all in all this is one good method. This is probably the most sold of all systems out there, mostly because of positive reviews and low price. If you have time on your hand than False Favourites is the system for you. If you don’t – find it. Wait for your vacation, holidays, just find the time. You will not be sorry.

This system will help you great majority of your bets. We recon around 80-85% of lays can be won using False Favourites methodology.  Even now, the only thing that you need for success is knowledge. Where to find it? In this system. Educate yourself, and it will help you with your regular betting too. After you achieve a month with 2 or 3 loses maximum, you will ask yourself why haven’t you bough it before.

Going against public opinion is something you should consider when betting. False favourites teaches you not only how to asses a horse, but also how to asses its competition. So not fast rules there, you must consider all capable horses, not just one. The majority of people lose betting. So if you do what majority does you will lose for sure.

False favourites will help even seasoned punters

Although False Favourites is not a system, it might help you to create a system that will have great winning percentage. Once you learn form this ebook, next steps are up to you. Even if you are already successfully laying horses on Betfair, you should at least try out this ebook. Using False Favourites findings might give you even better strike rate.

Laying false favourites doesn’t have to be very risky. This ebook will tell you you are not to lay favourites over certain SP. You will lose some value by doing that and you will be risking more money than you should.

If you want to learn, and have time for it, buy False Favourites. We learned so we highly recommend False Favourites and rate it as our top pick -10/10.



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