Favourites Phenomenon Review

Favourites Phenomenon

Name: Favourites Phenomenon

Price: £97.00

Type: Backing System

Win rate: 98%

Rating: 9/10


We are happy to bring you Favourites Phenomenon – one of good and well though systems that has caught our attention in 2008 for the first time. When we started with Favourites Phenomenon review we were sceptical, so it is a pure joy to find that it works. Otherwise, like with many other systems, you get a feeling like all you did was wasting your time. To cut to the point, we recommend it, but not for everyone. You must have enough bankroll to use Favourites Phenomenon system.

Favourites Phenomenon is a chase system…

Favourites Phenomenon system claims to have 98% winners. OK. Now we know that is not the case. Favourites Phenomenon is actually a Martingale (oh,no) system – you increase your stakes until you hit a profit for a day. But don’t panic – it works, because system is well designed to make it work.

Most of us hate Martingale, but it is a different thing because you actually win. This is no like anything we encountered before. You are not blindly putting money like in roulette hoping to win on that ‘red’ after ‘black’ came up four times in a row.

What makes Favourites Phenomenon different is that you have a liability under control with this staking plan. You just have to follow it word for word. Now, you might hit a bad day or even a month, but all in all we are talking long term profitable system, with specific staking plan and rather high strike rate.

Unlike most systems you don’t go to download page with PDF manual, but you get a membership to Favourites Phenomenon website on which you can find your system. System is explained rather good and is not complicated. The most important thing is you can’t miss selections as there are no ‘maybe’ or ‘if it looks like’ int this system. It is as straightforward as it gets.

Purchasing Favourites Phenomenon system will allow you to use their calculator, which is rather useful so you don’t have to manually calculate your stakes.

You will receive actually, not one, but 3 plans for your stakes. All three are different in one thing and that is how much are you willing to risk.

We have used the plan with the most risk involved, but also with the most possible profit. This way you will achieve that high win percentage of 98%.

No system is perfect, so Favourites Phenomenon is no different. You will need to be in front of your monitor prior to race you will bet on. If you win early its over for the day, but you might be stuck for hours if you are not lucky. There might be software out there that might help you partially in this, but you would still have to set it up after each loser for a new event.

Favourites Phenomenon can be automated!

But here comes a twist. Knowing this, system owner also made a custom software they will run it for you automatically. You have to pay monthly fee, which is not a big deal if you value time. You only have to set Favourites Phenomenon software once a day, preferably in the morning before going to work, and put in your desired amount and staking level. And then you are free to do whatever you want for the rest of the day and just collect the winning afterwards.

But what results has a trial test brought us? We tested Favourites Phenomenon for 2 months (with bot running) and it showed over 25 points profit. That was by using the staking method with the most risk involved. Looking at their sales page you will see its pretty much the what you can expect on average. There were a couple of days when we forgot to run the software, but they turned out winning ones also.

We must also mention one thing which is important, as per our general guidelines on main page. Its called a customer support. All we can say is its one of the best we have run into. They are not  just ‘fire and forget’ kind of salesman, they actually want to help you to make money. You will receive regular daily mails with some sound advice for the day, and also updates on Favourites Phenomenon results after each week is over.

Favourites Phenomenon team didn’t know we are reviewing them, but they answered our questions fast and helped with our problems concerning their automatic software. They were fast, helpful and polite. This is why we are telling you – try contacting the owner of system before buying. If it takes days to answer, or no answer at all, stay away. They will probably not help you even if you buy the system.

Favourites Phenomenon – final word

Like most of the systems out there, Favourites Phenomenon one also comes with a guarantee. In this case it is 60 days and ‘no questions asked’ guarantee. Price is rather steep, but you should get you money back in a matter of days. So no reason not to try it out at least. You can play with small stakes for starters and then, if you don’t like it for any reason, you can ask your money back.

All in all, Favourites Phenomenon is one of the systems that has been around for some time and still wins. We are recommending Favourites Phenomenon at – 9/10 grade.



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