Betfair ATM Review

Betfair ATM

Name: Betfair ATM

Price: £87.00

Type: Backing Betfair System

Win rate: 80%+

Rating: 10/10


Betfair ATM system is not a typical horse racing system that will pinpoint your bets. It will however give you a strategy and methods to use when making your bets in certain markets on Betfair. It seemed not so convincing at first glance, because ebook is not written too good in our humble opinion, making you to scratch your head a lot, but when we tried it we were staggered. Betfair ATM work excellent. Unfortunately there’s no software for it (at least not one we are aware of) that could help you automatize this strategy. Though when you think about it, there’s no reason why such a software would not be developed.

Betfair ATM quick notes

The Betfair ATM system is about exploiting place market in UK races. And its in-play system. I know, it sucks, but you can use it any day on evening races too. While we don’t want to give out much of the system we will tell you some key points. You don’t trade, but you can make a stop loss like with any other bets. Odds will be rather low, not under 1.3 but somewhere between 1,4-1,5 on average. Yet, you will get a high strike rate, 80% or more. If you manage to hit 80% it means your fair odds are 1.25, so 1,45 or average odds are great value!

There were some complains from reviewing community that Betfair ATM strategy is a little knife edged. Because you have a very small time to react and you must follow some rules to get it done right. Well, we earned under 10 point after first 100 races, but later it was like riding a bicycle. We can only say – no pain, no gain.

Betfair ATM results

You can see we are excited about Betfair ATM system. We tested it for almost 2 months, and rounded it up to exactly 400 races. We won 85% and earned a staggering 90 units. That’s  over 1,5 unit per day ! Incredible isn’t it?

The new edition of ebook has some new good pointers for making selections in it. First, we get odds range and how much to wait and when to bet (if you bet at all) in a chosen race. The most important addition to the ebook is a stop loss strategy.

All of you trading gurus know what this is all about. You must have an exit point if a trade goes bad. Betfair ATM addition also explains this. Not only that, but it actually gives you two different methods of loss control, one of which is rather normal, and you simply lay the horse in place market if it starts to lose position.

The other method is somewhat innovative, but we used it before ourselves, and it can be rewarding, but you are risking a bit more. If your runner falls behind, you lay it in the WIN market, not in the place market. Now how is that for a twist? This means that if your horse doesn’t place you will lose less (you will win that lay bet in WIN market).  If it places but doesn’t win – you win both bets! And if it wins you still win that place bet. Really a well though piece of advice.

There is a tiny problem with Betfair ATM. As mentioned, we are betting in a place IN-PLAY market. This means fast odds changes. You simply can’t effectively use this system if you don’t have a Betfair software. System makers will tell you what they are using, but you can also use one free trading software which will do just fine. Though most of us have our favourite software, you must decide on your own, we can’t recommend one that is perfect for you.

Betfair ATM is perfect for use in longer races, the longer, the better. Jump races are more suitable for betting with this strategy. System says itself you are not to bet any races under a mile. So you will have more bets in the winter and less in the summer, but you will find some every day. At least we did.

Betfair ATM final thoughts

Although Betfair ATM system is made for races up to 15 runners, we believe you should start with races up to 10 or maximum 12 runners, so you will not have to keep and eye on too many runners. In later stages of testing we also eliminated Sellers &Claimers and Amateur races as these tend to be more unpredictable in the end.

Except a Betfair ATM system, you will get an email support also, but after recent additions to the manual, we believe method is rather straightforward, so you might not need them at all.

Now to conclude, Betfair ATM is one our favourite horse racing systems. It is so great we were thinking of whether we should share it with you. It will not make you rich overnight, it is not an easy money guru guide, you must spare few hours every day (but you don’t have to do it every day).

Betfair ATM is probably the best, though not the best written, strategy we have tried. We are a bit worried what will happen when too many people get Betfair ATM system, but until then its -10/10.



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All By The Book Review

All by the Book

Name: All By The Book

Price: £87.00

Type: Backing/Trading System

Win rate: 45-55%

Rating: 10/10


Oh my god, All by the Book have stolen our idea! That was our first though. Some of us were working on developing a similar system, which will almost guarantee you a profit, and it was all backed with strong mathematics. More or less All by the Book is kind of an arbitrage or a trading method if you will. All by the Book system uses many bookmakers, including betting exchanges Betfair and Betdaq, and searches for bets where there could be an edge for us. It is low risk method, and covered fully on pretty basic math, but can bring you healthy profit. However, it is not perfect. We said “low risk”, not “no risk at all”.

All by the Book results

You can find  results and performance charts on All by the Book site, and we can vouch these are genuine. You will not make a fortune with All by the Book, but with normal betting bank you will limit losses to maximum 10 pounds per day, and could potentially win up to 100 in a good day.

Since we already new All by the Book is working we didn’t want to go on testing it for ages, we used 2 weeks time span to get the word out as soon as possible. We had 41 qualifying races (3 per day on average) 20 of which were profitable. Hey, but how did we win then? If you paid attention, you would know you will lose on average 2 to 3 quid, and you win on average over 20£!

The best thing about All by the Book system is your low risk. Using 100£ per qualifying race, you would risk maximum 66£ through our test period. So in worst case scenario you could only lose 66 pounds. Yet we managed to win over 250£ in those two weeks we trialed this system.

What do you get with All by the Book system

What do you get with your purchase of All by the Book system? Well, you get a rather simple thin 9 page ebook, access to a training video, and the most important thing of all, you will get an excel spreadsheet which will calculate your stakes for each race. When we were developing out system, it was the toughest thing to do – get all those stakes in order with, on occasion, over 10 races to bet on daily. In ebook you will find list of all useful sites, like odds comparison sites.

All by the Book system is most profitable if operated on early odds, so you should be in front of your monitor in the morning after odds are out in all books. System relies on a fact that some runners will drift or steam, so if you get your bets early, you will get the most out of it. You can place you bets through some sites, not going directly to bookmakers for each bet, which will speed up the process. You may also choose to bet only on certain races where your chances are bigger, but its all up to you.

Results we achieved with All by the Book system were using small risk basic method with rather small betting bank. If you got more money and time, you can go for more races and profit even more than we did.

Is All by the Book perfect

We can’t give away All by the Book secrets, but we can say you will need to use all “Best odds guaranteed” books get the best results. You will also use exchanges where you can get bigger odds for outsiders. One thing we have to say is you will need some bankroll management. At some bookmakers you will win, at some you will lose, so you will need to refund your betting accounts often. If you use Moneybookers you can request rather fast withdrawals, as opposed to using debit card or credit cards. So if you will bet 100£ per race, you will need at least 2000 total.

Another issue you might encounter while using All by the Book is you will get your accounts with bookmakers limited or even closed. If you win too much with one bookie they will limit you at least. Now there are three ways around this. First is to fake losses. But we don’t recommend it as in some cases you will win and thus make things even worse.

Second one that we suggest is spreading your bets through bookies as much as possible. If 3 bookmakers got the same best odds, then simply bet at all three. Your winning will be the same but you will win less with each bookie. This might help you in “flying under the radar” even though you are using All by the Book system.

Third way, which we also recommend when you are seriously limited is to open a new account under a new name using different IP. It has to be a real person – your girlfriend, brother, friend. Just in case someone asks for an ID check. No need to worry too much though – by the time bookmakers realize you are using All by the book system you should be up hundreds of pounds.

As all real deal systems, All by the Book will not make you a millionaire overnight. Its rather easy to use and after you get a hang of it you will need 5 minutes per race to make bets. There’s no reason for All by the Book to stop working as long as most bookmakers don’t stop giving you best odds guaranteed.

Though it is a hard to find gem in a sea full of scams, concerned with the fact that you will be rather quickly limited by the bookmakers, we cant give All by the book system more than – 9/10.



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Bookie Buster Review

Bookie Buster

Name: Bookie Buster

Price: $97.00

Type: Staking System

Win rate: N/A

Rating: 4/10



Bookie Buster is definitely not a typical selection system. Its more like a collection of staking methods which can be applied not only  to horse racing, but also to all sports. It claims it can earn you muchos money betting on sports by using some stake  plans. Now we heard that before somewhere didn’t we? Internet if really full of these false promises, but we can’t let our feelings get in the way. Lets see if this system lives up to our expectations and its claims.

Bookie Buster staking plans will make you rich

They promise to show you the secret ways bookies don’t want you to know. And they will give you many systems to use to beat the dreaded Bookies. The creator of  Bookie Buster  claims to be some kind of big shot manager in betting business, but after some research we found out it is not so.

Bookie Buster has a solid salespage which is the usual hype, talking of big gains. And you wouldn’t believe it, its easy money, really. Yeah right. It easy to get under influence of this kind of hyped pages. Do not try buying it before you read this review.

Bookie Buster ebook

We have read the ebook  and it is not good. Its full of crap. Oh yes it is. Bookie Buster has nothing more to offer than bunch of Martingale and other type of progressive staking plans that will lead you to the poor house. If you need staking plans than this is the system for you. But anyone could make this type of plans. Yet these plans are not gonna help you to win more money on their own, they will just help you to risk more.

Bookies Buster isn’t concerned with enormous risk you will have with those staking plans. These plans are used only because system isn’t any good without them. Sure it can work for a while. Week, or maybe even a month or two. But when your bad streak comes, you are doomed. You will probably lose your entire bankroll in a month or less using Bookie Buster systems if you are not so lucky.

We have all fallen to these kind of systems once when we began our journey to the world of betting, but we have learned, usually after losing too much cash. There’s no need for us to do that again. If you don’t have an edge on your bets, no staking play will get you out.

Is Bookie Buster worth it?

However, if you have an edge already and you are willing to risk a little more for better gains, perhaps this book, or system, might be the right thing for you. Maybe then it will be worth your money.

The final word is: Bookie Buster is a candidate for the Shit List. Not all that deep in shit. We rate Bookie Buster at 4/10.



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Golden Key Method 2 Review

Golden Key Method 2

Name: Golden Key Method 2

Price: £87.00

Type: Trading Betfair System

Win rate: 50-55%

Rating: 9/10


After two months of testing Golden Key Method 2, we can honestly say its working even better than the first version. This is perfect system for all action junkies, because it will keep you occupied for the whole day.

Golden Key Method 2 has proven to be more stable and profitable version than its predecessor. It made us more than 25% profit more, and there was also less losing runs and losing days. In both versions of Golden Key Method, there wasn’t any discrepancy between Monday-Friday and weekend betting. They both work pretty much the same.

We are saying this because we are aware that most buyers will not have so much time during working days. So if you only decide to bet on weekends there’s no fear. You will win with Golden Key Method 2.

Golden Key Method 2 Results

While testing Golden Key Method 2, there were only 5 losing days in 2 months, and it is a significant move from first version. To be honest, there were days when you earned only a small amount, but it will keep your spirits up and you will look forward to try it again the next day.

Although you can do all the work manually, meaning you are stuck in front of your monitor for the whole day, you can probably buy a bot and automate the new system. The new Betfair software explosion made it possible for Golden Key Method 2 to only invest about one hour daily. All you will have to do is get in front of your computer once in a day, set up your bot software, and that’s it! No more worries, and you can just come back in the evening and take a look at the system results for the day. Which will be profitable in 90% of cases in our experience.

What is Golden Key Method 2 about?

Want to know more now, don’t you? Well, we can’t give out much more than owners of Golden Key Method 2 have already said on their website. You will make some selections around 11:30 in the morning (earlier in the winter). Than you will trade them before the race starts. As mentioned you can do it manually or buy a software. We would definitely go for a bot, but it’s smart to start it with a manual trading. Now we already said too much maybe. I guess you realized it’s a kind of a trading system. Yes it is, and that’s why Golden Key Method 2 works so well. Golden Key Method 2 guarantees you a profit, or an occasional loss.

We gotta admit you will have a lot of runners to trade with Golden Key Method 2. You might try to limit it with your own criteria (like odds), but in our experience it means you will limit your profits too. If you find some good criteria, let us know.

Golden Key Method 2 system is pretty straightforward. You will get 13 page manual and access to online training videos. So nothing new there. Well, yes there is. Manual is well written and easy to implement, especially after watching videos. You will also get a worksheet, essential help so your bets will be organized each day. They will also give you links to resources you will need to make selections, and best of all – if you are willing to invest in a bot – they will point you to bot that will work with this system. We will not make any advertisements here, but they will point you to another FREE piece of software to make your access to Betfair faster and shorten the whole process.

The final word on Golden Key Method 2

You might want to be rich overnight, but we don’t review those kind of systems. You will be staking a lot of money, and yield is rather low. But because of number of selections Golden Key Method 2 gives you every day, you will rarely lose and your profits will be rather high. Since it is actually a trading method, you are not risking much. You just can’t have it all in one system.

The cost of Golden Key Method 2 if rather high 87 pounds. But even if your bank is small and you are not so lucky, you should be able to return investment after less than a month. Be warned, there’s no refund policy. We were a little worried at the beginning, but i doubt anyone but lazy punters would want a refund on this one. If you are prepared to make an effort every day with low risk and steady returns, then Golden Key Method 2 is the right system for you.


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False Favourites Review

False Favourites

Name: False Favourites

Price: £27.99

Type: Betfair Laying System

Win rate: 85%

Rating: 10/10


False Favourites written by J. Burghes is a great reading and learning ebook for laying favourites. I believe we all heard a lot about laying horses on Betfair by now. Just to remind you – it is as tough to win laying, as it is for backing horses. False Favourites is not a typical horse racing system where you will get exactly the same results as anyone else. False Favourites system will show you (more like teach you) how to spot weak favourites and profit from those.

Buying this horse racing system will grant you an access to a rather thick ebook (in case you print it out) and will also give you some bonus ebooks. It comes with a 60 days money back policy, as most systems do. But we believe not many will ask for a refund, because of 2 reasons.

First, it will teach you.You are immediately granted knowledge and better understanding of racing betting.  And second, you will get it at rather low price. Still you can take advantage of no-risk return policy.

False favourites is honest system

False Favourites doesn’t have hyped sale page, nor does it promise you instant wealth, like many systems often do. It is a real system, if you can call it a system after all, which offers realistic profits to you. False favourites only states that it will teach you more than you already know. Even if you are a seasoned punter, it will probably help you discover some new things when laying horses.

The real question here is if this is the right ebook for you. You have to take a few days to read it first. Then we would suggest reading it again,  taking notes, and printing out helpful tables for your daily search for false favourite. We have per request received tips for a month just to compare it to ours and then we came up with results.

We actually outperformed the owner with his own system in that month. This is another proof it can bet don. Yet out of 25 tips he sent us we only had 11 same as he did ! Only one of those 11 horses won. We both profited with different tips also.

Again, False Favourites is realistic system. You will not bet every day and win every time you bet, but you have good chances for a profitable months. We believe it is possible to get at least 10 months per year with profit.

False favourites methods will take time to learn

False Favourites system (method is maybe better word) can actually take a few days to get used to, and might take about 2 hours or more per day when you start with it, but you will eventually spend from 15-45 minutes, depending on number of races, after you get acquainted with selection method.

We could go on with cons and pros, but all in all this is one good method. This is probably the most sold of all systems out there, mostly because of positive reviews and low price. If you have time on your hand than False Favourites is the system for you. If you don’t – find it. Wait for your vacation, holidays, just find the time. You will not be sorry.

This system will help you great majority of your bets. We recon around 80-85% of lays can be won using False Favourites methodology.  Even now, the only thing that you need for success is knowledge. Where to find it? In this system. Educate yourself, and it will help you with your regular betting too. After you achieve a month with 2 or 3 loses maximum, you will ask yourself why haven’t you bough it before.

Going against public opinion is something you should consider when betting. False favourites teaches you not only how to asses a horse, but also how to asses its competition. So not fast rules there, you must consider all capable horses, not just one. The majority of people lose betting. So if you do what majority does you will lose for sure.

False favourites will help even seasoned punters

Although False Favourites is not a system, it might help you to create a system that will have great winning percentage. Once you learn form this ebook, next steps are up to you. Even if you are already successfully laying horses on Betfair, you should at least try out this ebook. Using False Favourites findings might give you even better strike rate.

Laying false favourites doesn’t have to be very risky. This ebook will tell you you are not to lay favourites over certain SP. You will lose some value by doing that and you will be risking more money than you should.

If you want to learn, and have time for it, buy False Favourites. We learned so we highly recommend False Favourites and rate it as our top pick -10/10.



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