Little Acorns Review

Little Acorns

Name: Little Acorns

Price: £97.00

Type: Laying System

Win rate: 65%

Rating: 8/10


We were a little late with Little Acorns system review as it seems. By now many people have heard a lot of stuff about it. We heard good and bad, but most were positive or neutral opinions. So we had no other option but to do Little Acorns review ourselves and see if its as good as some claim.

Little Acorns ebook

The Little Acorns system itself is pretty selective. You are not gonna get a lot of selections. You are going to lay odds on favourites. We liked it the moment we realized that. What does that mean??? It means small risk. There is also a staking plan there somewhere. Oh, no, another Martingale. It a fibonacci staking plan. You don’t have to use that one though if you don’t want to. You could merely lay all selections of Little Acorns with flat stakes or liability in this case.

The Little Acorns system comes an ebook pdf obviously. You just download it and you are ready to start with selection process. Making selections is rather easy and not time consuming. If you choose to follow a staking plan then you will need to know outcome of bets, so you will need to be around your computer. That is so you can place next bet for the day (if there is one) depending on did you win the last bet.

What is Little Acorns about?

As we stated before, Little Acorns is a laying horse racing system. you make your bets from selections you get using Betfair (though you could use any other betting exchange) and Racing Post data. There is no form study or any such thing. System is easy to operate and has 3 main factors which are to be found using Betfair and the final filter rule can be found on Racing Post website.

Both staking methods are basically „bet more after you lose“ plans. First method of loss recovery uses fibonacci. You increase your stakes after each loss using a certain formula. You will bet more and more until you win. After you have a winning lay you will get back to your original stake size.

The other staking method is a modification of Martingale. You basically add your loss to stake on each next bet. Again, you will do this until you win and when you win you get back to normal stake size.

So here is how rules for Little Acorns look like. First we got heavily favoured horse (odds on favourite). You will only lay those. Then we got Racing Post rule which has to be fulfilled. Then you should check the prices of second and third favourite. If they fall in certain range, the bet is a go. Prices should be checked before the off ideally. You could use a bot for these checks, but you have to manually check Racing Post selection factor. Good thing is it can be checked way ahead (the night before or in the morning) and then you just let the software run.

One of bad things about Little Acorns system, well more annoying than bad, is that it is not meant for action junkies. Little Acorns system will not give you selection to bet every day. Some days you will have 5 then all at once you get none for next 3. But if you are a serious punter this shouldn’t bother you.

As we opened our review, yes we heard lot of good about this system, but it will slowly gain you profit. you cant expect much from 25-30 selections per month. While testing this system, we found that winning rate was lower than author suggest Little Acorn should have. And that means that profit was not as promised. Though it was not too far from expected profit as outlined by the Little Acorns system.

Little Acorns test results

Well anyway, we tested it, and we did it in all possible ways. The Little Acorns system ebook will give you 2 plans. We tested both staking plans, so we can bring you the results of both. We have also tested all bets with a flat 1 unit liability.

We tested system for almost two months. During those two months, we had 58 selections. We won 37 bets, meaning we layed 37 odds on losers. It is a 64% strike rate, slightly below what author promises (65-70%).  This was achieved by laying at average odds of 1.81 on Betfair (just over 4/5). Although it didn’t start promising we ended up in solid profit.

Using first staking method (fibonacci which is rather aggressive) we ended up with over 25 units in profit. Staking method 2 gave us profit of just under 14 units. We also tested Little Acorns with flat stakes and it was, of course, profitable. The profit it made with 1 unit liability was also rather good – over 22 units ! In our opinion, there was no need for recovery plans as system is profitable with flat stakes.

We got to say one more thing. There is no need to worry about getting your bet matched as we are talking hundreds of thousands matched on our selections.

To summarize, this system is rather simple to work with. There is no form, distance or numerous other factors to look out for. We had contact with some satisfied users, who have been using it for long time and are satisfied. We have also made good profit, even with flat stakes. Though because of lack of selections and not so useful recovery staking plans we can only give Little Acorns a very good grade – 8/10




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